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Wesley Stevens

The owner treated me awesomely.


Shannon Harty

If there was a customer service award to give them, I would! Finally, an IT group that's responsive, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, and client-focused. Any question, suggestion, or feedback we've offered, has been dealt with in a timely and supportive manner. Whether by phone, email, in-person, or screen sharing, the training and level of involvement from planning, development, and implementation has been heads-above-the-rest. And, in the end, we are now using an unparalleled EMR product in the field of primary and behavioral health care integration!


Kim Olivencia

I was on vacation in North Carolina, when my computer decided to go all crazy on me. I had no idea what might be happening, so I looked up the nearest computer place, and found computer zone. When I spoke to the gentleman on the phone, I explained what was happening, and also that I am not at all tech savvy, so I have no idea what I am dealing with. He was so kind to me, and told me to bring it on in and they would take care of me. When I brought it there, I was a bit nervous, because they could have told me anything, seeing as I am so clueless. Nope. He was again, very kind, and explained what the problem was. They didn't try to pressure me to fix it, or even to buy a new one. He gave me an estimate, which was far less than I had anticipated, and after I agreed, he had my computer all back to normal before I could blink an eye. I would highly recommend this company not only for the great prices, but also for the wonderful customer service, hospitality, and knowledge. Thank you computer zone!