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Computer Sales, Diagnostics & Repair Services

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Monday - Friday         (8:00am - 5:30 pm)


Computer running slow? Error Messages Popping up? Can't get connected to the internet? Does your antivirus program keep giving you messages? If you have any of these issues it's possible your computer is infected with malware or viruses.  That's why Computer Zone has the PC Clean Up service just for you.  We remove viruses and malware and stop the error messages from coming up, all while speeding up your PC. 

Wipe and Reload

We all have been there, my device just isn't working like it was when I first got it, so you just want to start all over... Or other times you find that somehow your system files have gotten corrupted and you HAVE to start all over.  At CZ that's why we offer our Wipe and Reload.  We'll wipe your machine/ device and reload any data.

Hardware Replacement

You hear of things like this: "Great, my Hard drive just went out, but I have no clue how to replace it nor do I have the time!!!!"  Well at CZ we can replace or add hardware in your devices, including Power Supplies, RAM, CD-RW/DVD/BLUERAY, Internal Cards, Printers, Scanners and more! Plus we'll even give you a quote before we replace it, so you can decide if its worth your investment.

Screen Replacement

Accidents happen and sometimes your screen can get cracked or even shattered. We can help you when it comes to replacing your devices screen.  Give us a call today and we'll get you a quote!

Data Removal

So you've just bought a new device/machine and you want to get your data from your old device/machine to your new one.  It's time for CZ's Data Removal service.  Come by and we'll move your data for you!

Software Installation

Sometimes installing software can be a hassle and you want it installed properly, and not create more headaches in the future.  Well with our Software Installation service we'll install your software for you.  Just bring it by and make sure you have all the proper licenses and keys and we'll do the work properly.

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